Support young women and girls, share your experiences.


Meet mentors, trainers, tech professionals and corporate representatives.


Practice being a mentor, train and inspire women and upgrade your skills.


Join tremendous events where you appreciate gender inclusivity, equality and diversity, and meet amazing people in tech.





Applications will be open until July.

We welcome all women and men with different level of experiences in technology, including entrepreneurs. Your applications will be reviewed accordingly. 



You will be matched either with women university students studying STEM subjects and support them through the programme via mentoring for 3 months.


For those who wish to give trainings or run workshops, specific sessions will be organized.

We will also run specific programmes for young women professionals in tech where you will support them at their early careers.



All mentors and mentees will shoot a 1min. long video to share their experiences.

We will finalize the programme with a fun gathering with all mentors, trainers and university students who joined the programme to celebrate. You will be part of our extensive network.


How can I become a mentor or a trainer?

You could apply here: "Become a mentor/trainer".

What are the qualifications of mentors and trainers?

Mentors need to have at least 5 years experience in tech industry with a genuine interest in supporting women. Trainers need to have solid experience in the specific field of the training.

Both women and men are welcomed.

Can I apply as an international?

Of course. We could match you with someone who could speak English.

Who will be my mentee?

A woman university student studying in STEM fields or a young woman at her early career in tech.

When does the programme start?

The 1st programme will begin in August. Applications will be open until the end of June.

All applicants will be informed.

Where will it take place?

Mentors are free to choose how to meet their mentees. It could be online or any physical location would be perfectly fine. Opening event, trainings and the closing event will be announced beforehand.

*All programme could be online due to Covid-19.

How long will the programme last?

Mentorship sessions will run for 3 months. There will be at least 2-hour sessions/month.

Could I take up more than 1 mentee?

Yes. Number of mentees will be set according to the mentors' preference and their schedule.

I don't have any experience as a mentor before. Could I still apply?

Yes. We encourage every experienced women and men in technology to share their experiences and support and inspire young women to pursue a strong career in tech. However, mentoring experience is important; therefore, we will organize a "how to do mentoring" training at the beginning of the programme depending on the profile of the participants.

Do you offer accommodation and flight for the trainings and events?

No. Everyone in the programme will be responsible for their accommodations and flights if they need.

Can I offer somebody else to become a mentor or a trainer?

Yes. We love referrals. You are more than welcome to offer potential mentors and trainers for our community. You could use the mentor application form or send us an email to info@techwomenclub.com

How could I follow the news about TechWomenClub?

You could join the community on our webpage here and we will also keep you posted on our Linkedin and Instagram pages.